Our Microbanking products encompass solutions and are designed to cater the varying needs of our target customer segments. Microbanking products categorized into group loans and individual loans range from `2,000 - `2,00,000. Our products empower the initiatives of “economically active poor” and the “missing middle” customers segments and help them fulfill their dreams. Apply now

Mandaljee Digital Bank Group Loans

Purpose based loans given on an individual basis to our customers without any group guarantee. It includes following products:

  • Individual Business Loan (IBL).
  • Individual Livestock Loan (ILL).
  • Home Improvement Loan (HIL).
  • Individual Agriculture Loan (IAL).
  • Individual Bazaar Loan (IBZL).
  • Open Market Livestock Loan (OMLL).
  • Higher Education Loan (HEL).
  • Open Market Home Improvement Loan (OMHIL)
    • Loan amount: `51,000 - `2,00,000 ( `1,00,000 for IAL).
    • Rate of Interest: 23.25% p.a on a reducing balance method (24% for IBZL and OMHIL) (governed by the MCLR based pricing policy of the bank).
    • Processing Fee: 1% - 2% of loan amount (excluding applicable GST) (Zero for HEL).
    • Franking Charge/Stamp duty: As per state act.
    • Late payment charge: `100 per late EMI (including applicable GST).
    • Pre-closure charge: 2% of the principal outstanding including applicable GST (There is no pre-closure charges if a customer pre-closes her loan after paying 80% of her installments.) (Not applicable for HIL, HEL and OMHIL).
    • Tenure: 6 Months – 36 Months (2 years – 7 years after commencement of repayment for HEL).

Mandaljee Digital Bank Gold Loan

Make most of your idle Gold by availing Ujjivan Gold loan. Get instant Gold loan with minimum documentation and highest security for your Gold.

  • Borrower should be existing Ujjivan SFB customer
  • Individual between 21 to 70 years of age
  • Loan Amount: INR 10k to INR 5 lacs
  • Tenure: 6/12 months
  • Interest Rate : 15% p.a.
  • Processing fee : 1%+applicable GST
  • Maximum applicable LTV upto 70%